What is cloud storage and its tools? And how we will use it in education in 2020

What is cloud storage and its tools? And how we will use it in education in 2020

What is cloud storage and its tools? And how we will use it in education in 2020

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Recent technical terminology is emerging, such as cloud storage, cloud music, cloud applications, 
and even cloud operating systems. Whether on computers, tablets, or smart phones, the term "cloud" seems to follow you everywhere. What is the cloud (in the technical term) and what cloud computing (cloud storage) are all these days talking about?
1 - What is cloud storage?

A simplified definition: The simplified definition that cloud storage means you use computing resources (hardware and software) via the Internet, presented to you in the form of a service.
B - Wikipedia definition: Cloud storage Cloud storage is a form of storage on the Internet where the data is stored on multiple servers virtual servers, instead of hosted on a specific server, and is usually provided by a third party, where the major hosting companies rent storage space cloud for customers In line with their needs.
C - a more accurate definition: We can define cloud storage as a huge computers that have a huge storage area users upload files on them to be stored, and companies are creating programs on it, which is called cloud computing, for example, when you need the program Word To install it on your computer so that you can use it either in the cloud computing Microsoft is installing - so to speak - the Word program on the servers of the company and then launch the program on its website so that all users who have accounts in the X And you do not have to carry the computer with you in all your travels, where you can connect from any computer and enter your account on the cloud storage company to start using these programs, as well as access to your files that you have stored in Servers.
There are two kinds of cloud storage services: one free and one that can be used for a single, monthly or annual payment.
It should be remembered that all files uploaded to the company can only be viewed by others if you give your account data to someone else. Because the companies that provide these services, when you sign up for them, give you your own storage space, no one else can access it and become like your computer.
2 - Cloud Storage Benefits:
There are many other advantages of cloud storage other than file storage service, including:
- The possibility of use in the field of education at a small cost or free (virtual classes).
- File synchronization: When you upload or modify a file, you can access this file from any computer, tablet or mobile device you use.
- File sharing: As you know, the size of the email can not exceed 25MB and this is a problem for people who send large files, so you can upload large files on the cloud storage sites and then send them via e-mail.
- Collaboration: Google's cloud storage service enables users to modify files in a common way. This service is very useful for students doing work that require simultaneous presence, as well as professionals who carry out studies, do business or develop projects of common color without having to be present. Actual in the same place.
- Taking an additional copy of files and data: If you have files or data important, you should back up in case of theft or crash your computer or work. The most famous companies that offer these services are Mozy and Carbonite
- Save and share photos: We all have important pictures we want to keep them and most of us have already lost the pictures wish he had kept. So it's best to save these images in several places. The flickr site is the most popular site that offers photo storage and sharing with friends, or with some or all people. If you'd like to store photos only without sharing them, you can keep them in other cloud storage locations.

- Pay for what you use only.
- Companies do not need to buy new hardware - a new hard drive, for example - reducing the size of their IT department.
- Reduce data maintenance costs, such as backup.
- High flexibility in space where you can increase or decrease storage space without having to buy new hard drives.
- Cloud computing allows you to access all your applications and services from anywhere and at any time via the Internet, because the information is not stored on your hard disk, but on the server servers provided for service.
- Reduce costs to companies, as it is no longer necessary to buy the fastest computers or the best in terms of memory or higher in terms of hard disk space, but any normal computer and any web browser can access the cloud services used by the company (editing documents, , Edit صور, .. ect).
- Ensure that the service is maintained permanently, as the company providing the service to the cloud storage to ensure that the service is working around the clock as best as possible.
Take advantage of the huge infrastructure provided by cloud services to carry out tests and scientific experiments. Some complex calculations take years to do on ordinary computers, while companies such as Google and Amazon offer their own thousands of servers or servers linked to each other to perform such calculations in minutes or hours.
3 - The disadvantages of cloud storage?
- Obviously, cloud applications need an Internet connection, where your interruption of the Internet will affect your business, but companies are starting This is done by some HTML5 and JavaScript technologies. You can build web applications that can work offline and then synchronize when you get back in touch, but we still need more time to develop these applications and technologies more.
- Security concerns: Some fear to put all the information and files in the companies providing cloud services, if the service was successful penetration, the hacker may be able to obtain user information, in addition to the possibility of selling your information by the service provider or benefit from it will be a real problem . The only guarantee you have is to use reputable and trusted companies in this area.
- Most cloud applications have not yet reached the level of traditional desktop applications. For example, web image editing applications have not reached levels comparable to traditional Photoshop, and document editors across the Web have not reached Microsoft Office but are gradually approaching them over the years.
What is the future of cloud storage?
The future of cloud computing is certainly. Maybe not a year, two years, five or even ten. But we'll get to the point where all operating systems will switch to cloud systems similar to Google Chrome OS. Google started this line early, followed by the rest of the companies, and this is not a prophecy but an extrapolation of reality. All operating systems will be fully or almost fully cloud-based. You'll be in a stage that lets you run all your apps across the web, even the biggest games. Cloud computing and web applications are evolving rapidly, and Internet speeds are also evolving. Soon, the cloud will overwhelm everything, perhaps closer than we think.
5 - Cloud storage applications for Android systems:
G Cloud Backup

Is an application that is designed to back up your various files on your system and retrieve them at any time. The application not only backs up all the data and files on your device, but also saves the mobile numbers you saved, text messages and even the contact log, all through the cloud and with the click of a button. All of this is done through a secure data transfer process. When you use the application for the first time you will receive an internal capacity of up to 1GB. You can download the app from the Play Store for free and easily.
Ubuntu One

Distinguished from the other applications of cloud storage through its great ability to integrate. The application comes with a small integrated application called U1 Files, which enables you to automatically get and upload files "audio files, videos, and text files" through a variety of different applications, including Instagram. The automatic upload feature also comes with the ability to adjust settings as desired by the user, as well as the ability to share files uploaded through various social media sites. The app can be downloaded from the Play Store and comes with a free storage of up to 5GB.
Sandisk memory Zone

This application is not just a regular cloud storage application, it comes with many other features. The application comes with a small tool to manage storage space on Android devices, as well as the ability to manage different applications. Sandisk Memory Zone gives the user the ability to see the internal capacity utilization of files on the device, showing the percentage of each file and each application. In addition, the app also supports many cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Docs, Picassa, SugarSync, SkyDrive, and Facebook. You can download the app through the Play Store.

If you love managing your files and documents with a high-tech integrated sharing system, the best application for you is Megacloud. This application provides the user with many social networking features, as well as providing a good storage capacity. The application also comes with the ability to create direct links to your files. The app can be downloaded from the Play Store free of charge.
Cloud Print

Apply a summary of all your cloud storage needs. By working with Google Cloud Print, the app accomplishes the work that most users need. The application can print documents and text files through the cloud with the support of many file supplies such as pdf, jpg, docx, xls, ppt, txt, xps, etc. In addition, the application comes with many other features such as printing e-mail, text messages, and pages on the Internet. The app can be downloaded free of charge through the Play Store.
6 - cloud storage services that rely on encryption of files and data and to violate the privacy of the user:
Service SpiderOak

This service provides free space of 2 GB and can be increased to 100 GB for $ 10 per month. What distinguishes the service is that it encrypts all files that are uploaded to the service, and can be downloaded to your computer.
Wuala service

It is also characterized by the adoption of confidentiality and security in the storage and storage of files on multiple servers, and allows the sharing and download of files with ease, as well as providing a free space of 5 GB free, and for areas greater than 20 GB to 100 GB You can pay € 3 to € 10 per month.
Tresorit service

The service is more specialized in storing games and files in a confidential and safe and without the possibility of being spied on by the owners of the service or hackers, and gives users initially 5 GB of free space, and space available for purchase is estimated at 100 GB.
And the service is very safe and the company Almkd She is confident of this, she is allocating a grant of up to $ 10000 for those who can penetrate it!
Mega.co.nz service

Attractive offers are available for users, including 50 GB of free space when joining the service and can be increased to 500 GB at prices ranging from 10 euros to 99 euros per month, with a receipt of up to 4 terabytes. Do not forget that it protects your privacy through file encryption.
Amazon site

Of those of us who do not know the location of the number 10 at the global level, the site entered the cloud storage area to compete with the largest companies specializing in this area, offering free storage of 5 GB
You can buy 20GB space for $ 10 for the year and 100GB for $ 50 for the year and 1000GB for $ 500 for the year
For registration: www.amazon.com/clouddrive
7. Cloud storage services that violate your privacy under the pretext of protecting property or public security:
As opposed to the above, there are a lot of global services famous in the cloud storage sector, which is believed to violate the privacy of users, which makes us advise you to be cautious while using and keep away from them if possible, because it presents user data to the risk of spyware and see them by people working in the support team And service development. The privacy policy in all of these services, which we often agree to without reading, refers to the right of those companies to access their users' files and to prevent any files that may infringe the company's proprietary rights or any data that is questionable in nature.
One of the most prominent cloud storage services that rely on these methods, we find Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple and SkyDrive.
8. Using cloud storage in education:
Giving lectures or classes remotely, on the virtual cloud (which may be in the form of a website or application on smart devices) and are available and stored for viewing and browsing away from time or space barriers.
Share the curriculum or part of it through the cloud sharing tools offered by cloud services.
Creating bridges of communication between teacher and student, at school or in higher education.
Delivering the required duties and costs and following up with the teacher.
Reducing the burden of paper printing, handing over duties and returning them.
Study collectively on the Internet.
Reduce software costs, maintain hardware and reduce power consumption.
Access to learning resources and resources collectively through online education.
Enhance the efficiency of computer management in schools and control the quality of content.
Also useful for teachers and teachers through the sharing of educational files between them and their students so they receive research and duties with the possibility of editing and comment on files.
- Store documents and special paper that can be used even while traveling.

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