How can cloud computing be in educational institutions? in 2020

How can cloud computing be in educational institutions? in 2020

How can cloud computing be in educational institutions?

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They discover that there are those who improve their power and their employees in the Arab world.
On the uses of colleges and universities years ago from the use of cloud-based computing (such as e-mail), it is clear that cloud computing is rapidly evolving into a model of data storage and exchange. Garner predicts that more than 50% of global companies will receive data storage by the end of 2016. Cloud computing
Training Higher education institutions help cloud computing reduce the costs that go to purchase hardware, software or maintenance. Cloud computing also provides universities with education centers in the United States - faculty, staff, and students - anytime, anywhere.
Cloud computing can help colleges and universities to:
Understand the dependencies of the rapid increase in mobile device usage.
Quantities Store extensive amounts of data that are easily accessible.
While keeping up with updates (eg, providing a digital repository for students within the university to store classroom comments, memos and projects).
Get the latest software and application updates.
The enrollment and admission process will be simplified
Contribution to contributions with potential for development
It is natural that you are the owner of an institution or university that poses a lot of questions about security aspects of cloud computing. For example: What are security threats? What are the weaknesses? Is the integration of fasteners really safe? What are the legal aspects and measurements to manage educational processes on the cloud? Who really controls the data? There is none of them.

Surveys indicate that conducted by a survey magazine
6 6% of colleges under technology-based zappat.
28 28% of colleges apply cloud computing.
29 29% of colleges plan to adopt cloud.
32 32% of colleges are in the process of discovering cloud computing.
For example, here are some cloud computing applications that can be useful for higher education institutions:
دروب Dropbox cloud makes it create your own space on the Internet
Mail chimp is an email marketing service
met Web merge. me takes your raw data online into documents such as PDF documents, Word documents and Word documents.
Sh Shoe boxed organize receipts, business cards, and online invoices.
ec Basecamp web based collaborative project management.
Google Docs Create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other files.
Get the best package and track incoming CVs to the mailbox

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